Domain, Sub-Domain, URL and Web Hosting in Complete Details, Difference and Comparison

When You start Learning WordPress or making a website. You will listen about the words like Domain, Url, Subdomain, Web Hosting.

In this article, After reading this article, You will understand  What is Domain, Subdomain, Web-hosting and URL and their differences. 

What You will Learn in this Article:

  • What is Domain ?
  • Domain Examples and It’s Importance
  • What is Subdomain? and How it is different from Domain?
  • What URL stands for ? URL complete Description with Example.
  • What is Web-Hosting? And How it is different from Domain?

What is Domain ?

The domain is the identity string on the Internet. It is your Website Name. It may be your Blog Name, Company Name or anything which you like to identify by your visitors. The domain is a way to create the online Presence.

Domains can be created with  Numbers or Alphabetic Characters and It may be a combination of both.

In the world of the web, everything is Internet Protocol. With every Domain, You will get the unique IP address which is a string of some Numbers. That is difficult to remember for anyone. Hence The idea of  Domain name came. That is easy to remember.

If you want to own a Domain. You need to register a Domain with Domain Registrars. Till now More than 300 Millions Domains are registered worldwide.

Below are some recommended Domain Providers. These are Famous, secured and well known Registrars from where you can search, purchase and park your Domains :

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
what is domain

Domain Examples and It's Importance

Examples of domain Names:


Here Google is called second level domain and .com is called Top level domain. When you buy the domain from any provider, You have to buy in the combination of both. 

 Example :,, are 3 different domain names as they have different top level domains.

Today is world of online. You are not limited to one area. As above mentioned Domain Name may become your identity. It can be access through anywhere from world.

  • If you are a Blogger, Your Blogs can be read by anywhere in the World. Your reach becomes limitless.
  • If you own any product, Your product may have limited demand in your area but it may high depend in other area. Your product’s visibility is Online which helps the user of other area may  access your website and reach you.
  • You can start ecommerce Platform, drop-shipping and many other thing with the help of your online identity and Domain.

What is Sub-Domain and how it is different from Domain?

subdomain details

Subdomain is extension of your Primary Domain. If you want to create your sub-domain, You must have own the Domain.

Example : is the Domain Name and is the extension of and adding prefix in domain that is subdomain.

You can create multiple subdomain with your one domain.

One of the most Common and used example of subdomain is from where you can create you subdomain like . You can start your own blog without any penny expense. It is hosted on their hosting only. Using this there are pros and cons both.

Apart from WordPress, Blogspot and other companies also provide you to create subdomain within it.

If you have domain. You can also create the subdomain in it. like and many other options.  

What URL stands for ? URL complete Description with Example.

what is URL

We have discussed about Domain, subdomain. inside the domain, top level domain and second level domain. Most of the people think Domain is the URL. when you hit a Domain in your web bowser your home page will open only. 

You may have multiple pages in your website, using the same domain. But the URL of each page is different.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URL used to differentiate each page of your website. You can edit the URL as per your requirement. 

Components in URL:

  • Example :
  • https : You may also see http as well, It is Hypertext Transfer Protocol where s signifies for security layer. It is also recommended, while creating your own website, always protect your website with https.
  • www: www stands for world wide web, Now it is not essential to use www. Many sites, you will see without www.
  • google: It is second level domain.
  • .com : It is top level domain
  • /gmail: this is the path of the page or directory which you will access after the URL.

What is Web-Hosting? And How it is different from Domain

Hosting details

In this Article, You have learned about Domain, subdomain, URLs. When you are going to create a website. You will listen to web hosting.

You can create a website on your local machine. But from your local machine, a website can’t go live every time. If you want to make others see your website, You should live your website Web Hosting.

Web Hosting provides you inbuilt server for your website. Below are some major characteristics of Web Hosting:

  • Inbuilt Server for hosting a Website.
  • Disk Space: You can choose the plan of your Hosting as per your space may be used by your file system.
  • Bandwidth: This also shows, how many concurrent users can access your site.
  • Email: You can create the emails of your domain.
    Security: It is not easy to hack any Web hosting Platform.

Below are our used and Recommended Web hosting Providers:

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • Hostgator
  • GoDaddy

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