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WordPress Hosting Complete Guide

When you create your own website, You need a Good Hosting Provider. If you have chosen a WordPress for your Website. You can select Normal Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting.

There are Millions of Websites that are using WordPress platforms for their online Presence. Also, the New Websites building in WordPress, Some Blogs/websites are switching to WordPress platform due to the ease of use. The number of WordPress users is increasing daily. Hence The Hosting Providers are giving you WordPress Dedicated Hosting which is called WordPress Hosting in general.

In this article, We will discuss WordPress Hosting in detail. WordPress Hosting advantages and disadvantages, types of WordPress Hosting, and Common questions related to WordPress Hosting.

What You will Learn in this Article:

  • What is WordPress Hosting?
  • Difference Between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting.
  • Benefits for using WordPress Hosting.
  • Limitation of WordPress Hosting.
  • Types of WordPress Hosting.
  • Recommendations for WordPress Hosting.
  • Frequently asked Question related to WordPress Hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is designed and maintained specifically for WordPress Websites. If your requirement is to run only the WordPress Websites on your Host. It is recommended to use WordPress Hosting instead of Web Hostings.

There are thousands of Web Hosting Providers, And Most of them are giving you WordPress Hosting. They are Fulfilling the minimum requirements of WordPress. It gives users a Single Click installation for WordPress. 

While buying any WordPress hosting, You can check the Minimum WordPress requirements :

  • PHP 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR
  • MariaDB 10.1 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
    HTTPS support

Speed of Website, Preinstalled WordPress themes, WordPress Plugins , cache and Good performance  and many other features you may get in WordPress hosting. It will depends on Your WordPress Hosting Provider.

Difference Between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a Broader team. There is various Web-based technology available. You can create and Host websites that you have made on different technologies in Web Hosting.

Suppose, You have created a Website on Magneto, open cart, asp.net, or any other tool you have used. You can host these websites in Web Hosting.

However, In WordPress Hosting. You can host and create Websites that used WordPress as a Platform. You cannot host other platform websites. WordPress is now a very popular CMS. The majority of the Web Hosting plans have a one-click installation for WordPress. You can easily install and configure WordPress in Web Hosting.

If you need broader use, You may choose web hosting. Generally, You will get Cpanel (Not for Cloud-based Hosting Provider) in Web Hosting for managing servers, Files, emails, and other options. In WordPress hosting, You didn’t get the Cpanel. But WordPress managed to host.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting:

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

You may think, If you can easily install WordPress in Web Hosting. Why there are is need for Hosting specifically for WordPress. There are numerous benefits you will get in WordPress hosting. It all depends on your Hosting provider, Hence it is needed to choose right Hosting provider.

  • CDN, That improves the Speed of Website: Many WordPress Hosting providers gives you a CDN. which increases the speed of Website. You don’t need to add CDN.
  • Scalability: Many Times, There is a spike in your website’s traffic which causes your website Down. Scalability feature will not letting down your website.
  • Caching: Speed is one the important factor for ranking. caching feature in website will improved the website’s speed. If your host is not providing the caching feature. You can add WordPress Plugin. 
  • Pre Installed WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins: In WordPress, You need to install WordPress theme and WordPress plugins. Many WordPress Hosting providers will give you already Installed Plugins and Themes. Also Sometimes they provide you premium themes and plugins at no extra cost.
  • Free Domain: While Buying WordPress Hosting, Some Hosting Providers will give you 1 Year free Domain.
  • Staging Environment: Many times, You need to change any feature in your website. Before going live, You can test that feature in staging Environment.
  • SSL Certificate: Security is important aspect. You should not ignore that. You can add the SSL certificate for your own or buy it. Also, Your Hosting provider may give you for Free. 
  • Automatic WordPress Updates: WordPress is continuously  upgrading. In every couple of months, WordPress updates their software. In WordPress Hosting, Your Hosting provider will auto update your WordPress to their latest version.

Apart form The above benefits of WordPress Hosting, You will get other benefits. It all depends on Your Hosting Provider. It is very important to choose Good Hosting provider.

Limitations of WordPress Hosting:

Yes, You are reading right. There are some limitations of WordPress Hosting as well. 

  • No Cpanel: If you are a user of Web Hosting like me. You are very familiar to Cpanel. In WordPress Hosting. You will not get Cpanel. This is one of the Limitations in WordPress Hosting.
  • Limited Only to WordPress: If you are a web developer, You have purchased a WordPress Hosting. Now you have created another website on different platform. Your WordPress hosting cannot host the websites of different platform. You have to purchase a new Hosting plan. As WordPress Hosting is only limited to WordPress.
  • No email Hosting: I think  this is the biggest drawback of WordPress Hosting. You cannot create your own email IDs in WordPress Hosting.
  • Some Plugins you cannot use : Some Plugins you cannot use in different WordPress Hosting Providers. 

Plugins Not allowed in Kinsta.
Plugins Not allowed in Plugins Not allowed in Wp Engine WordPress Hosting.

Different Types of WordPress Hosting:

Like web Hosting, WordPress Hosting also comes in 4 Types. All have different features and should use as per your requirement.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting: Shared WordPress hosting is suitable for beginners. It is cost effective and good for low Traffic. You have use the resources and hardware with other users as well. That is the reason It is called shared WordPress Hosting.

  • VPS WordPress Hosting: VPS is Virtual Private Server WordPress Hosting. It is also a fairly economical. In VPS WordPress hosting, You need to share the hardware resources with other users. But you will get a Virtual Private space which is only to yours. VPS comes in between shared and dedicated WordPress Hosting.
  • Cloud Based WordPress Hosting: If you have used Cloud based Hosting earlier, You will never look back. As Cloud based WordPress hosting is providing the best scalability, speed than shared and VPS. It is costly as compare to Shared and VPS WordPress Hosting Plans.

If you need your website with best features. Cloud WordPress Hosting is recommended.  

  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting : In Dedicated WordPress Hosting, You will get the your own physical server. This is best Hosting plan for High traffic Websites. You will get robust Hardware with it. Performance, speed, scalability are excellent. But It is not cost friendly. It start from 100$ per month.

Not Recommending for beginners and Medium Traffic Websites.  

Recommendations for WordPress Hosting:

You may got confused which WordPress Hosting, You should use.  Below are some recommendations for you  We have divided WordPress Hosting in 3 categories. Beginner, Medium and High End.

  • Beginner or startup Bloggers: If you are a Beginner, We recommend you to use Shared  WordPress Hosting. 
  • Medium Traffic Websites: When You website started growing, You can switch to VPS Hosting.
  • High Traffic: If you are getting traffic more than 100 K visits, You should use the Dedicated WordPress server.

Special Recommendation: Cloud Hosting is like all in one. It can be used by start up Bloggers or High traffic websites. 

Frequently Asked question related to WordPress Hosting:

  • Can You Host other technology based Website in WordPress Hosting? 

No, You cannot Host other technology based websites in WordPress Hosting.

  • Which is better WordPress Hosting or Web Hosting? 

Both have different features, advantages and disadvantage. If you are using only WordPress. You should use WordPress Hosting. 

  • What is the Best Hosting for WordPress?

There are may reliable WordPress Hosting providers. All are giving some features. You can check the features and select as per your requirements.

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